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Home Remedies of Green Tea

For more than millions of years, sciences have been finding effective ways of preventing and treating every kind of disease. Diseases that are categorized under those that can be cured only through Divine Intervention. There have been so many discoveries on how to treat a particular ailment and many alternatives have already been developed. It comes from eliminating heartburn by using brown sugar through the intake of corn syrup for controlling nausea and other remedies. But nothing can beat green tea as one of the most effective home medicine.

Green tea is not just your typical beverage. Itís more than a liquid being coordinated with every meal. With these trying times, it had become an integration to remedies of body illness'. For most people who consume green tea, they believe that it is a kind of miracle drink. It benefits almost all of the bodyís functions. From teeth to skin care, green tea has already been a kind of general measure for preventing certain diseases.

To prove that green tea has become an essential part of a personís health, below are just some of the many benefits of tea when it comes to health.

Oral Indication

Green tea is said to have certain compounds that can kill bacteria in a personís mouth, thus eliminating high chances of cavity accumulation. Cavities can be good source for halitosis or bad breath to form. Before that happens, drink green tea. With just a few green tea gargles, you can protect your teeth from having tooth decay. Of course you have to lessen or eventually get rid of sweets to totally protect your teeth from destruction.

Green tea has the properties of fluoride which can strengthen gums and teeth and aiding in the prevention of decay formation. Commercialized green tea mouthwashes are being sold that comes in different tingling and intriguing flavors.

Skin Indication

Regarding skin diseases, green tea is said to have exhibited positive outcomes in treatment and further care of skin. Two of the most irritating skin diseases are being discussed Ė eczema and acne. If you have acne, you can use it as an astringent that can be combined to other elements to produce concoction and is applied to the skin with a cotton ball. It is an alternative to expensive astringents and toners. Should you choose to drink it instead, the effect will still be the same but you risk yourself in taking the caffeine too. Mixing green tea with other ingredients like olive oil can help treat eczema.

Medicinal Indication

There have been a lot of intriguing knowledge about the medicinal contribution of green tea to the body. It is said that daily intake of green tea can provide further prevention for easy-accumulated diseases and infections. Because of the free radicals that are circulating around a personís body, it has become more prone to disease but not until the discovery of antioxidants which helps in flushing out free radicals inside the human body. Free radicals can cause terrible cell damage which can affect the body negatively.

With these benefits mentioned, no wonder a lot of households trust the wonderful effects of green tea. It has proven a lot of medical result that are exceptionally elaborate and more so, being effective in almost all aspects of health and fitness.


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