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Tips on Minimizing Caffeine in Green Tea

When someone mentions green tea, what comes in your mind? Antioxidants? Health benefits? Weight loss? Caffeine? There are a lot of benefits that can be taken from green tea. Although, caffeine is not really ideal for most green tea drinkers. They may have some objections or second thoughts when it comes to drinking tea because of insomnia that can be caused by green teas high caffeine content.

Worry not dear drinkers and advocates of green tea. There is a better way of drinking green tea without experiencing the effects of caffeine or otherwise minimizing it.

Tip # 1 Start moderately

Fact is, a cup of green tea contains a caffeine level of about 20-70 milligrams. With this kind of caffeine in your diet, its assured to keep you awake from dusk till dawn if your body is not used to drinking such dosage. Best advise is to take in small doses and try to observe your reactions. Start with a cup a day, then, when things still feel normal, increase gradually. Every time you increase, always observe for adjustments in your body. If you feel uneasy and somewhat irritated, then you can decrease to the level that your body can tolerate. If you are including it in your meal, and youre feeling more calm and contented, green tea is for you.

Tip # 2 Get to know your tea

There are several kinds of green tea, Different kinds mean different levels of caffeine. It is stated by researchers that, the type of tea leaf used, the more caffeine it can produce. You cant indicate caffeine levels through color. Gyokuro is highly caffeinated compared to Lapsang Souchong which is a kind of dark tea.

Tip # 3 Brew half strength

Very good solution for caffeine intolerance. To control your intake of green tea, you can choose to purchase loose green tea to allow you to adjust the way your green tea is brewed. The normal loose green tea brewing is at least two teaspoons. You can cut off the dosage in half. If you find the effects weak, increase it bit by bit.

Tip # 4 Drink it while its hot

Cathechin, the one that contains powerful antioxidants and theanine, this provides freshness and sweetness, can both decrease the level of caffeine activity of in the body. Brewing allows the molecules of catechin and theanine to combine together with caffeine in hot temperature. This will render caffeine to be less effective. If you let your hot green tea to cool off after brewing, the molecules that is bonded with caffeine will breakdown and releasing caffeine.

Tip # 5 Avoid teabags

Compared to loose green tea leaves, green tea bags cant give you enough nutrition thus, giving you more caffeine in the process. Quality suffers from teabags. Rather choose green tea leaves that are loose.

Tip # 6 Be familiar with your tolerance level

Several experts would recommend the consumption of not more than 300 milligrams of caffeine daily. Green tea has been found out that it can provide a steady and gentle source of stimulation. Side-effects like headaches and nervousness may be felt.

With these tips on how to minimize the effects of caffeine contents in your green tea, you can enjoy more tea with less caffeine.


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